In Memoriam

With great sadness, Franklin County Beekeepers announces the passing of Jan Korzan. Jan was a beekeeper for over 70 years. Jan knew so much about beekeeping – the kind of knowledge that comes from many years of experience.

A long-time member of Franklin County, Worcester County and Massachusetts Beekeeper Associations, Jan was a constant presence at Field Day, Franklin County Fair, and state and county meetings. Jan’s honey was awarded Mass Bee’s “Best of Show” and in 2004 Jan was named the Mass Bee “Beekeeper of the Year”.

Past Massachusetts Bee Inspector Al Carl said “Jan Korzan could break down a hive more efficiently and quickly than anyone he had ever met.” Jan had kept bees since his childhood growing up in South Deerfield and as a young man Jan worked for commercial bee operations in the Canadian providences of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Franklin County is truly honored to have had Jan as a lifetime member. He will be truly missed.

Jan KorzanJan Korzan receiving the 2004 Mass Bee Association “Beekeeper of the Year” award. Pictured from left to right: Paul Desilets of Mass Bee. Franklin County members Roger Reid, Dan Conlon, Jan Korzan, Bonita Conlon, and Cynthia Allen.