Update on Covid-19: With the limitations brought by Covid-19 Franklin County Beekeepers Association will be hosting virtual monthly beekeeping meetings. Joint virtual meetings with the New England Beekeepers Coalition are being developed. We will keep you informed.

FCBA Monthly Meetings

Bees are so important, so critical. We want everyone to understand just how much.

Franklin County Bee Association

Hello FCBA members,

We will be holding a June 15th meeting at Warm Colors Apiary, 2 South Mill River Rd. South Deerfield. Weather permitting, we will use the time to open a hive or two and discuss the proper inspection of a colony. I will demonstrate how to take a mite sample, AFB field testing, and what to do for common pests, wax moths & Small Hive Beetles.

Bring your veils!

  • Field Day was canceled for this year. Those of us involved with planning and organizing the Eastern Apiculture Society Conference at UMass (July 31-August 4) did not think we could also pull off a successful Field Day. Field Day will be back on the June 2024 calendar. Field Day continues to be the best event for sharing beekeeping ideas and practical management currently in MA. and New England. FCBA members started this over twenty years ago and it has remained a summer highlight for New England beekeepers and vendors. We have kept this a no-fee event, and it continues to reach out to all beekeepers without any requirement that they belong to a club or bee association. As FCBA members we are proud of this event and its social, community-inclusive, and educational accomplishments.
  • The Greenfield BEE FEST was again a successful event celebrating Lorenzo Langstroth, the honeybee & beekeeper. It was well attended (despite threats of rain) with several FCBA members and our FCBA honey queen, Caroline Canterbury volunteering their expertise answering questions and representing our club to the non-beekeeping community. It was nice to see a return to focusing on younger participants with games, and hands-on projects all designed to be fun & educational. The hive painting was very popular as a new activity for Bee-Fest. Many thanks to all who helped and for keeping FCBA a primary contributor to this wonderful event.

JUNE MEETING: Thursday 6/15, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Location: Warm Colors Apiary, 2 South Mill River Rd. South Deerfield, MA.


  • 6:30 PM – Meet in the bee yard. Plan to arrive a few minutes early as we will begin at 6:30 to take advantage of daylight.
  • 6:30 – 7:45 PM. Hive opening – tips for conducting an inspection.
  • 8-8:30 PM Social time at the Honey Shed.
  • 8:30 PM – end meeting.

Hope to see you on June 15th,

We will have refreshments and soft drinks!

Please join us for this interesting and exciting FCBA Meeting.

Dan Conlon                                              

FCBA President





FCBA members