Update on Covid-19: With the limitations brought by Covid-19 Franklin County Beekeepers Association will be hosting virtual monthly beekeeping meetings. Joint virtual meetings with the New England Beekeepers Coalition are being developed. We will keep you informed.

FCBA Monthly Meetings

Bees are so important, so critical. We want everyone to understand just how much.

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FCBA Members,
Unfortunately, due to today's weather, we have decided to cancel tonight’s Franklin County Beekeeper’s monthly meeting.

The rain combined with the damp, chilly weather is not suitable conditions to open and inspect the beehives. Our decision also factored in the increase in COVID cases currently being reported in Franklin County.
Please join us for the free Mass Bee Field Day on Saturday, June 11th at UMass Amherst. Franklin County Beekeepers are the hosts of this annual event which started in 2005. Details and registration for Field Day are on the Mass Bee website. If you are interested in assisting/volunteering during Field Day, please contact Dan Conlon, Art Canterbury, or Tom Graney.
The Greenfield Bee Festival is this Saturday, May 21 starting at 9:00 am. Greenfield Bee Fest celebrates Lorenzo Langstroth, the “Father of Modern Beekeeping,” with fun and learning for all ages as we highlight the vital role of the honeybee in sustaining our environment. www.greenfieldbeefest.org
Dan Conlon                                                               

FCBA President

JUNE: No meeting –  Franklin County Beekeepers  Association will be hosting the Annual Field Day at UMASS space on Saturday, June 11th. FCBA Volunteers and Presenters are needed.  The event is free and open to all.  Bring your bee suit or veil.   Place your orders with your favorite vendor and enjoy FREE SHIPPING!

JULY 21st 7-9 PM: The meeting will be at Art Canterbury’s (FCBA’s Vice President) farm in Montague. Details to be announced later. https://www.Facebook.com/howlingtreehill/

We had a very nice turnout for our April 21st meeting at the Second Congregational Church, Greenfield. Thank you to Sandy Thomas and the Church members for letting us use Lorenzo Langstroth’s creative and spiritual space. I was pleased to have a bee meeting decades after Langstroth’s book and his discoveries changed the relationship between bees and beekeepers. I wonder how he would see our current management and understanding of the honeybee. His original thinking in the 1830s influenced generations of beekeepers.

Dan Conlon

FCBA President





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