Update on Covid-19: With the limitations brought by Covid-19 Franklin County Beekeepers Association will be hosting virtual monthly beekeeping meetings. Joint virtual meetings with the New England Beekeepers Coalition are being developed. We will keep you informed.


All beekeeping is regional. Some information in the below resources may not apply to your location.

Massachusetts Apiary Inspection Program
Kim Skyrm, Ph.D.
Chief Apiary Inspector/Apiary Program Coordinator
Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR)

MDAR COMPLETE Varroa Mite Brochure   IPM and Treatments


Bear Fence Guides
Here’s the bear fence guide provided by the state biologist who spoke to our club last spring.  Visit mass.gov/masswildlife for more information.

Hive Registration and Apiary Inspection Request Form

Pollinator Protection Plan-Draft

Beekeeper Education (BEE SCHOOL)
Franklin County and Hampshire County

Warm Colors Apiary – South Deerfield

Local Beekeeper Supplies in
Franklin County and Hampshire County

Starhart Hollow - Colrain

Maggie’s Farm and Apiary - Greenfield

Betterbee Inc. - Greenwich, New York

Mann Lake, Inc. - Penna. & MN.

Red Barn Honey – Northampton

Local Honey Suppliers in Franklin County

Golonka Farm – Whately

Maggie’s Farm and Apiary – Greenfield

Red Barn Honey – Northampton

Warm Colors Apiary – South Deerfield


Honey Bee Health Coalition

Massachusetts Beekeepers Association

Worcester County Beekeepers Association

Massachusetts Beekeepers Association Best Management Practices

Bee Informed Partnership

Eastern Apiculture Society (EAS)

Bees and Honey: Creating Pollinator Gardens

Flower Fragrances That Attract Bees and Butterflies to Your Garden